Bespoke Design Brief

At Chelsom, our specialist sales teams will work collaboratively with interior designers, lighting designers and procurement companies to ensure that all bespoke design briefs are truly understood. By involving our project management teams, engineers and technical personnel, we can ensure that customer design concepts are interpreted and processed using the very best systems available. Having worked extensively within the hotel and cruise sectors for many decades and having worked to all budget briefs, we will always find a way that works best for each different client.

Develop The Design

We feel it is our job to draw on our 75 years experience when it comes to consulting with our customers on bespoke lighting requests. Often there will be a design concept in place and it will be up to us to assist and advise with things like technical application, material usage, value engineering and the appropriate manufacturing technique. We will rarely say NO to any bespoke request but we will always advise if we feel there is a more effective way of getting to the end result whilst retaining the overall design integrity of the client.


A massive part of the overall bespoke product process is prototyping. Whether working to specific hotel mock up room deadlines or simply putting forward prototype parts for client review, we understand the massive importance of the prototyping process. We can look to produce samples in a number of different ways to ensure best value for money, speedy turnaround and the best possible representation of the final product. Prototyping and sample rooms are very much an every day part of the process at Chelsom and we take great pride in perfecting this part of the project for our customers.


Once the design brief is agreed and protoypes are signed off, we know how important it is to choose the right manufacturing route for a project. Whether producing thousands of units to go in cruise ship cabins or manufacturing a one off center-piece, the right techniques and processes need to be evaluated and selected. All of our manufacturing processes are carefully evaluated and monitored by our operations teams and all bespoke production runs are assessed throughout at various stages from raw material selection all the way through to the final quality control phase..

Delivery and Installation

On time deliveries are paramount to the success of a bespoke project. We know that each project holds a different set of criteria when it comes to delivery and installation. We are well versed in having to orchestrate complex phased deliveries to countries all over the world. Our specialist despatch and logistics team will always come up with bespoke solutions as per each client’s request. Customised packaging, labelling and freight options are discussed at the very start of the process to ensure a good on-site experience.