P & O Britannia

  • Client: Carnival UK
  • Designer: Richmond International

Chelsom were commissioned to create a series of bespoke lighting products onboard Britain’s biggest ever cruise ship, P&O Britannia. Collaborating with award winning designers Richmond International one of the standout pieces created by Chelsom was a dramatic gold centrepiece specified for the Epicurean Restaurant.  Over 9 meters of interwoven gilded metal ribbons form a sculptural ceiling feature running the length of the restaurant to create visual impact. Each of the ribbons was fitted with an LED strip on the upper side to give a warm reflective glow from the ceiling plate above.

Chelsom produced another illuminated ceiling structure for the Live Lounge bar area featuring a series of sculptural 3D diamonds in gloss black and metallic gold fixed to the ceiling in pairs of smaller and larger sizes to give a more organic look to the piece whilst emitting a soft ambient glow reflected in the gilded ceiling above. The Oasis spa area also features statement linear and circular light installations using clear acrylic solid rods of varying lengths along the main wall and the central treatment area of the spa. Each rod has an individual integral LED module housed at the top and has been designed with bubbles inside to give  a waterfall effect picking up and refracting the light to generate a warm ambient glow suited to the relaxing spa environment.

In addition to these statement custom-made pieces, Chelsom supplied a series of 12-armed bespoke chandeliers for the ship’s Supper and Limelight Clubs, finished in copper with complementary copper shades to provide a touch of decadence to the surroundings. A quartet of bespoke, rectangular LED fittings in matt black were also produced for the Cookery Club designed to provide functional light to optimise space and generate efficient light for working conditions.