Decorative Touchless Switching From Chelsom

Chelsom regularly pushes the boundaries when it comes to product design and the innovative Decorative Touchless Switching system is no exception. This customised accessory can be built into any of our standard or bespoke lighting products and seamlessly fuses the latest technology with striking aesthetics. In a world where operators are constantly trying to reduce human touchpoints within hospitality spaces, this latest switching system from Chelsom offers solutions across a number of different applications.

A decorative metal collar encases an infrared sensor which detects a human hand movement, triggering the switch which then activates the light source. The switch can be mounted within a table or desk lamp base, as well as within the backplate of a wall mounted sconce or reading light. The technology can operate across a wide range of voltages and is fully compatible with both conventional and LED light sources, making this a suitable switching solution for all global markets and product designs.

The truly unique feature is the decorative knurled metal collar which can be plated or powder coated in a variety of finishes to complement any product design, giving designers the opportunity to blend both practical and aesthetic product design needs.