Whereas aesthetics has primarily driven the pace of change in decorative lighting designs over the years, rapidly advancing technology has become equally important in ensuring specifiers are working with the most up to date products. Chelsom operate rigorous testing procedures to select the best performing LEDs and work only with the most reputable LED chip and retrofit lamp manufacturers. When testing and selecting LED chips, the following criteria are considered:

  • Evaluation of latest technology to give increased lumen performance
  • Minimum lifetime operating cot for the end user
  • LED chip performance over its entire life
  • Optimum light effect considering wattage and colour temperatre

At Chelsom factories in the UK and China, continual investment means the latest manufacturing and testing equipment drives on the quality of the product. In-house photometric testing guarantees colour temperatures and Colour Rendering Index (CRI). Operating in the global marketplace, Chelsom wire and test to all international standards ensuring access to every international market. Both our UK and Chinese factories have the international approvals shown right and are regularly audited to ensure continuous compliance.

Although the standard Chelsom range offers a wide selection of integral and retrofit LED light sources, Chelsom also have significant bespoke capabilities allowing conversion of standard light sources to bespoke technology requirements to match the more complex dimming systems. For example, Chelsom can operate with colour temperatures ranging from 2200K to 4000K and with 80 to 95 CRI.



To ensure optimum ambience within any interior scheme, light levels should be controllable through dimming systems. Dimmable lamps can be operated from rotary dimmer switches within the product itself or from remote wall-mounted control panels. There exists an extremely wide range of lamp dimming protocols but the crucial issue is ensuring compatibility between lamp type, control gear and the dimmer itself.

Chelsom are experts in creating successful dimming, constantly researching new methods and technologies to continuously improve the technical offer. For standard products, Chelsom will have carried out thorough long-term testing to ensure optimum lumen output, best lifetime performance and minimal heat output. For bespoke designs, the Technical team work closely with clients and ask the right questions to ensure full understanding of any dimming protocols on site so that Chelsom product is entirely compatible from a lamp type, switching and flicker- free dimming performance perspective.



Retrofit LED

Lamp technology has developed possibly faster in the last 10 years than at any time since Thomas Edison invented his first electric light bulb. Chelsom constantly embrace the latest developments to ensure the hospitality an marine markets work with the most energy efficient an aesthetically pleasing light sources. Today’s lamps use 90% less energy than old incandescents, last up to 25 times longer, give off almost no heat and significantly reduce maintenance costs. The latest retrofit lamps from Chelsom have almost 360 degree light output and a 2700K warm white colour temperature with instant start and good dimmability, compatible with both leading and trailing edge phase dimming controls.


Retrofit LED Filament

Filament lamps are now available with LED light sources. Chelsom offer very high quality options with 2200K colour temperature meaning the ambience is indistinguishable from original incandescent options. Lamps are dimmable with trailing edge phase dimming controls and interesting lamp shapes combined with a soft glow of light have ensured the popularity of filament lamps. In Edition 26, several collections are priced and supplied complete with filament  lamps where they enhance the decorative appeal of the original designs.


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